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     Accepting 2022 applications 

     Application Deadline: March 31, 2022

Thinking about an automotive aftermarket career? Good choice! Servicing or supplying parts for vehicle maintenance and repair can be a rewarding career. An automotive scholarship can help pave the way.

Since 1986, the University of the Aftermarket Foundation has provided funding for aftermarket education programs and research. By awarding grants throughout each year, the Foundation financially supports the continued development and distribution of courses in every-broadening areas. By supporting such academic offerings, the Foundation and its donor ensure that education will have a stabilizing influence in the ever-changing and increasingly complex aftermarket.

Automotive Scholarships - Supporting the Industry's Future

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In 2021, 427 scholarships were awarded for a record of $706,2500!

881 complete applications were considered for scholarships by more than 40 donor organizations.

That is the power of our program: By completing a single application at the website, students can be considered for multiple scholarships.

– 37% of applicants in 2019 received a scholarship
– 22% of winners received multiple scholarships

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Why Automotive Aftermarket

Our goal with the Automotive Scholarships is to give some additional financial help to students seeking a career in the aftermarket, or who are from aftermarket families.

The automotive aftermarket is an excellent career choice for your sons and daughters.

Trained professional automotive technicians are in high demand. They can earn excellent starting salaries, and an experienced technician can earn $75,000 or more. Today’s technicians must have knowledge and skills in electrical/electronic systems, computers, diagnostic processes, and much more. Another important consideration is that this is a job that can’t be “outsourced” to China or India.

You can help your students accelerate their career in the automotive aftermarket by encouraging them to apply for an Automotive Scholarship.

Priority is given to these categories of applicants:

  • Students planning to become technicians in automotive, collision, heavy duty or agricultural fields.
  • Students planning to work for any automotive aftermarket company.

We encourage you to get your students to apply. There are several fliers you can download from the “Resources” page at this site. You may reproduce them for your students. PLEASE also take the time to give a letter of recommendation to your students who apply.

Since 1996 the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium and University of the Aftermarket Foundation and other donors have awarded more than 2,000 scholarships. 
Other automotive organizations who award scholarships began collaborating with UAF in 2007, and they have made more than 600 additional awards. 
These outstanding young people are a growing community of aftermarket professionals, and are listed in this searchable Scholarship Alumni database. 

Scholarships Available from these Aftermarket Organizations